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Autumn Home Decor: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Autumn Decorations

Do you remember as a child when Harvest Festival was quite a big celebration. The changing of the season signified the harvesting of the crops, hampers of goodies being taken to school, a church service and most importantly a family meal to give thanks.

In the U.S. the end of the Harvest is marked by Thanksgiving. A national holiday which began centuries ago when English Pilgrims offered out their harvest to native Americans. Thanksgiving is now a national holiday and unlike modern day Harvest Festival here, it’s a really big deal. Households fill their homes with beautiful Autumn decorations, invite over family and friends, create a delicious meal and cities throw lavish parades. A wonderful time and a natural lead up to Christmas.

So, much like we have done with Halloween, we thought we should adopt the American way of marking this Autumn celebration. Taking a cue from Pinterest which is full of decorating ideas, we decided to create some of our own. Simple ideas that are so effective yet will literally take you minutes. After all, who doesn’t love a spot of creative faffing and a beautiful tablescape!

We approached our lovely friends at Forever Green, our favourite florist in Beaconsfield who provided us with these stunning Autumnal props. A bunch of Autumn leaves and colour Eucalyptus. Some coloured corns (50p each) and these cute little white pumpkins (50p each).

A Seasonal Display

Using our fabulous new Glass Fruit Bowl which makes a perfect dish for seasonal styling, we placed Autumn leaves in the base, followed by some decorative coloured corn and white mini pumpkins. That must have taken all of 2 minutes, but we think you’ll agree it looks incredible. A perfect Thanksgiving centrepiece for your table or decoration for your kitchen.

Glass Fruit Bowl

Autumnal Flowers

A display for the console table was created by complimenting the seasonal bowl with our new Tall Grey Glass Vase which has been filled with the Bleached Dried Wheat from the new Dried Flowers collection. A simple yet elegant look, the addition of the Frosted Amber Candle Holders provides a warm glow for these dark Autumn evenings.

Tall Grey Glass Vase

The Autumn Table

Now for the table. The centre of the table is decorated with the mini pumpkins and coloured corn. Red seasonal leaves were also scattered amongst our coloured glass candle holders. The Grey Glass Candle Holder and Frosted Amber candle holders make for a stunning Autumn combination and provide a wonderful ambience taking the mood from day to night. So combine rich Autumnal colours with natural props and create a sophisticated yet casual look.

Autumn colours of burnt orange, rich reds, dark charcoal greys and soft warm ambers are said to create a sense of warmth, energy and optimism. So if you wish you could add in the Terracotta placemats for an instant pop of colour.

For a more casual look, we used the new collection of Grey Enamelware complimented with the Charcoal Linen Napkins. For a more formal look switch this for the Astoria range. The rustic creamy tone is ideal against a backdrop of burnt orange.

We hope you enjoyed looking through our Autumn Home Decor styling. Please give it a go yourself, cook a meal, decorate your home and lets make Harvest time a special celebration once again. Don’t forget to send any images you would like to share to info@layeredlounge.com. We’d love to see them..