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Lou “Trains to Maintain”

Layered Lounge's Lou at Inspire Fitness Centre

I guess there is nothing better than organising a Lifestyle event and then being so inspired that you follow through with it yourself! That was exactly what happened to me. Caroline, personal trainer at Inspire Fitness Centre, presented at the the first Layered Lounge Lifestyle event held and gave a fantastic talk about training for women. It was interesting to hear that “women who lift” was not just about gaining a six pack, a glitter bikini and an orange tan but explaining how important it is to keep yourself as a woman, strong (particularly over a certain age!)

Caroline at Inspire Fitness Centre Gerrards Cross

I have had problems with my back since I can remember, my lower discs are loosing their fluid, and so I need to exercise regularly. However, since starting Layered Lounge, this has taken a back seat,  I’ve become a bit more of a desk junky and hence have started to suffer. After 10 session I’m now firmly back in the game:  committed, feel better/stronger and with a mindset that will definitely be making more time for exercise going forward.

So here is my progress so far:

The initial goal was to increase strength and help tone problems areas: tummy, bingo wings and muffin tops, in addition to improving cardiovascular fitness. With a bout of previous training experience under my belt, Caroline started more advanced moves and compound lifts early on, which I was pleasantly surprised at! These movements use multi muscle groups and are fantastic for muscle recruitment and increased calorie burn throughout and after a session. Which means your muscles are still working and you’re burning calories even after you’ve left the gym – this is the bit I love!  The moves focus on more than one muscle group at a time, for example a dead lift uses hamstrings, glutes, lower back and core as well as upper body.

Layered Lounge Lou McGuire working out

Focusing on the lower body Caroline incorporated moves to target my quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes using squats, dead lifts and lunges. This is working all the muscle groups from different angles through a variety of motion and under different tensions. By using free weights and the Ko8 ( a funny ropey thing – see pic below!)  we were able to target muscles but increase my core strength and balance

Making sure we include the whole body in all sessions I have definitely seen an improvement especially in my upper strength and I am now much better at a full press up! With my arms and shoulders starting to take shape we have also focused on keeping the fitness levels up using weighted circuits, Hiit (high intensity training) and Tabata style training. Tabata involves working at maximum effort for 20 seconds for 8 rounds having only 10 second rest in between exercises, thus again increasing my cardiovascular health.

The results so far? Well I’m stronger, fitter and my clothes feel good too so here’s to the next 10 sessions! Thanks Caroline!



Layered Lounge's Lou trains at Inspire Fitness Centre  Layered Lounge's Lou working out at Inspire Fitness Centre

Inspire Fitness Centre, Gerrards Cross (http://www.inspire2train.co.uk) have been our partners in bringing to the local community a series of Lifestyle Talks aimed at informing and inspiring you to live a healthy, enriched and stylish life. If you would like to hear more about the next event then please sign up to our newsletter.