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Decorative Objects

Decorative objects are an essential part of room design. They can make or break a room and they don’t have to be a selection of new items.  This can be where you combine the pieces you have been collecting over the years with trend items that can have a shorter life span. Whatever you choose they will add character to the space.

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  • Round White Bud Vase

    Round White Bud Vase

  • Dark Grey Ceramic Vase

    Dark Grey Vase

  • White Ceramic Vase

    White Ceramic Vase

  • Pink Bud Vase

    Small Pink Bud Vase

  • White Bud Vase

    White Bud Vase

  • White Ceramic Tray

    White Ceramic Tray

  • Cream Tall Vase

    Ceramic Cream Tall Vase

  • Small Cream Vase

    Ceramic Small Cream Vase

  • Little Ceramic Ice Blue Jug

    Ceramic Ice Blue Jug

  • Cream Ceramic Vase

    Cream Ceramic Vase

  • Cream Ceramic Jug

    Cream Ceramic Jug