Falcon Enamel Serving Tray




This deep and strong enamel serving tray has been produced by Falcon, who in our opinion are the best producers of Enamelware. Functional and strong, each piece is built to last. So not only do they look super stylish but they are practical tpp. Dishwasher safe and oven safe they can even be used on gas or electric hobs.  If you drop it, it may chip but it certainly won’t break.

Use the serving tray to bake with or serve cake and a nice pot of tea. A versatile size, our kids love to use it for a light picnic style supper too.

Additional information


L 28cm x W 22cm x H3.5cm


Enamel : porcelain fused on to heavy-gauge steel


Dishwasher and Oven Safe. Use on gas and electric hobs. Do not use in the microwave.

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