Winter Spice Pillar Candle




The Winter Spice Pillar Candle has a beautiful fragrance. A sumptuous blend of festive spicy cinnamon sticks, clove buds and fresh, zesty orange combined with exotic oriental spices and sandalwood. Thus creating a harmonious winter fragrance. Perfect for a warm, cosy and inviting atmosphere. The pillar candle is surrounded by a hard wax outer layer which contains the decorative fir tree and pine cones pieces. The inner core is soft wax which burns down to shine beautifully through the outer layer.

We are extremely proud to be supporters of a local Muscular Dystrophy registered charity, called Action 4 Archie. Donating a proportion of the profits from sales in the Candles & Fragrance range to this charity. Archie and his family are truly inspirational, not only in striving to deal with their own issues but also helping others.


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Burn Time

60 hours

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