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Our Story

Our Story

It started like most mornings do for mums these days, at the school gates. Where two like-minded mothers, started a friendship with the typical chit-chat of how our daughters were settling in at their new school.

Then the subject of work arises and we quickly realise we share the same values, hopes and dreams. Having taken career breaks to raise our children, it was now time to start thinking about work again and the dream was to build something of our own.

Launching our own business, the dream is becoming a reality…

The idea of starting a new business came before the concept of exactly what we would actually do. Whilst we toyed with various ideas, we decided to stick to something we are really passionate about!


We have vastly different career backgrounds, but we both share a love of interior design. Our love for interiors stems from our personal experiences in; renovating, building and furnishing numerous properties throughout our lives.

Layered Lounge is our new business venture focused on providing you with design led, good quality products at an affordable price. Whilst we pay attention to the latest interior trends, we are not entirely driven by them. Our goal is for product selections to stand the test of time.

Starting a business is not easy, especially in your 40s. It’s a decision, which took more commitment than anyone dares to let on. The support of good people around you is crucial. Our families have been superb throughout and we’ve been lucky enough to have fabulous talent working on various aspects of the business too. People, who are much younger than us, more technically apt, more in tune with social media and most importantly, people with a lot of patience – with us!

Many a meeting has been interrupted by one of us, or indeed both of us waving our hands in the air asking people to slow down, repeat, explain and even draw a diagram! For this we thank you, Simon, Tanya, Dan, Lara, Mark & Richard for all you’ve done to set us on our way.

We also need to need to give a massive thanks to Emma at Emma Henderson Photography. She has worked tirelessly on creating super images for us, and we hope you agree she has done an amazing job.

So, here we are now…

Launching our own business, the dream is becoming a reality…