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Style your home bar

Style your home bar - Layered Lounge Blog

It will soon be party season guys, are you prepared? The party season will soon be upon us and we do love to get all our friends and family together and do some stylish entertaining at home. First on our list of priorities will be to sort out the home bar.  In fact, the home cocktail bar has become an iconic statement  and we absolutely love it! A perfect opportunity to show off your hostess skills, if you hop over to our cocktail blog there are some easy make cocktails that will have you impressing your friends in no time. But as we all know, its not just the cocktail but the glass you drink from that can make all the difference. So here’s a list of those essential glasses that you should have at the ready for party season…

LSA Beer Glasses Set of 2

Beer Glasses

A boring start maybe but not everyone loves a cocktail and so a collection of nice beer glasses should still form an essential part of your collection especially for the lads. The beer range from LSA is a firm favourite amongst our customers with the ergonomic design making them easier to hold and smart to look at.


LSA Highball GlassesThe Highball

Essentially a tall tumbler which should be used for serving any alcohol served with a decent slug of mixer and ice. Our highballs have been given a contemporary touch with the wider base and narrow opening which helps prevent your carbonated drink from going flat too quickly. A weighty classic! Great for a Mojito!

Coupe Cocktail Glass from Layered Lounge

The Coupe

Traditionally used for champagne, this is such an elegant inviting glass shape. But now its more frequently used for cocktails too. Think Daiquiris and Side Cars. Our coupe with thick stem is a fabulous way to show off your cocktail skills. For champagne lovers our pretty vintage coupes are a real delight, a blast from the past and a superbly elegant way to treat your guests.

Layered Lounge - Cocktail Glass

The Cocktail Glass

The must-have classic addition to any cocktail bar. A really sexy glass befitting of Hollywood star elegance. The inverted cone shape not only looks so glam, it helps prevent your ingredients seperating. The wide opening also allows the aromas to be released and the long stem stops your guests from warming the glass of their cocktail. So whats it to be? A Cosmopolitan or a Martini?

LSA Tumbler

The Tumbler

Often with a more weighty flat bottom so unlike the name actually suggests, this vessel cannot be knocked over.  Traditionally used for a short cocktail or a liquor “on the rocks”. A highly useful glass for anyone who loves a whisky, they are also great for keeping your guests hydrated. Place them on a nice tray with a jug of water. 

Assorted Shot Glasses - Layered Lounge

The Shot Glass

The beauty of a shot glass is that it can also double up as a cute way to serve a welcome soup, a palette cleansing sorbet or a chilled shot of vodka or tequila. This selection of 4 shot glasses of assorted shapes will look superbly stylish and sophisticated on your bar.

LSA Champagne Flutes

The Flute

There is no greater meet and greet drink than a simple glass of Champagne or Prosecco. The classic drink is the preferred choice of most, with sales of Prosecco going through the roof in recent years. Our LSA champagne flutes are elegant yet contemporary, with a heavy weight bottom making it a perfect choice for men and women alike.